The Fractals EA is capable of identifying Bullish and Bearish Fractal Price Zones. When price closes above the Bullish Price Zone, the Fractals EA will open a Buy Position; when price closes below the Bearish Price Zone a Sell Position will be opened. To catch price crosses earlier you can instruct the EA to take position on the Bullish or Bearish Crossover rather than waiting for the confirmed close. Fractals observe the previous 5 candlestick patterns continuously and look for a well defined High or Low to appear in the centre candle of the set; this High or Low, if found, would become the Bullish or Bearish Price Zone respectively.

Fractals EA

Just some of the many features included with all of our Expert Advisors...

Compatible with all MT4 brokers & Instruments

Numerous sub-systems & money management strategies

Multi-functional & fully customisable

Limitless options for live trading & strategy testing

Key Features

Compatible with all MetaTrader brokers, all Instruments included within your MT4 Platform (including but not limited to, Forex, Silver, Gold, Bitcoins, Indices etc) and will operate on any chart time frame. All Expert Advisor products come with free life time upgrades, online support alongside a detailed manual outlining how to use the EA. You have complete control over its entire functionality.

Increase the probabilities of successful trades by applying sub-systems to the Expert Advisor. There are 9 sub-systems available; all of which can be easily added, removed and customised to suit your requirements. Sub-systems are designed to add additional weight to the EA Core System (Fractals). Sub-systems include Moving Averages (a wide range of styles), Candlestick Spike detection, Previous Candle colour detection and Parabolic SAR. Other Sub-systems included, to detect underlying trends, are RSI, MACD, Bulls & Bears Power, Momentum & Stochastics. Sub-systems are designed to support buy or sell trade opportunities generated from the Core System (Fractals).

Choose between a range of stop loss strategies. You can apply static stop losses and take profit levels, trailing stops, Candlestick high & low stop loss adjustment (sell position stop loss automatically adjusted to previous candle high and buy position stop loss automatically adjusted to previous candle low) and dynamic Moving Average stop loss where stop loss prices are automatically adjusted based on any Moving Average prices. You can also instruct this Expert Advisor to automatically close all positions if a specified cash or pips target has been met plus more.

Choose from a selection of money management strategies. A static lot size can be applied or you can opt to partially close lots if a specific pips target has been met. You can also utilise a risk percentage of account balance or account equity on each trade placed or choose the dynamic/performance based lot size which looks at trade performance from the previous 8 trades taken and will allocate a low lot size during winning extremes and allocate a higher lot size during losing extremes. Also available is increases/decreases in lot size based on the previous trade - when the EA wins, the lot size is incremented by the value specified; the opposite is true when the previous trade loses.

You can specify which days & times the Expert Advisor will seek new trades.

Fully customise the Expert Advisor in terms of arrow colours for buy, sell and close positions. You can also add personalised text to the charts you choose to use.

Activate trade signals. The Expert Advisor will send signals either by email or sent instantly to your MT4 Mobile Phone App each time it places a trade in the market with all of the necessary trade information. An example signal: A Buy Position has been opened in GBP/USD at 1.6512 Stop/Loss 1.6412 Take Profit 1.6612

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