Product Guarantee

The EA MegaStore Product Guarantee was last updated on Friday, April 17th 2020.

Our Expert Advisor product range have been rigorously tested with over 25 Forex brokers worldwide; compatible with all versions of MetaTrader, all chart timeframes and with every instrument available in your MetaTrader platform. All Expert Advisor products come with free life time upgrades & free 24/7 experienced online support.

We are continuously improving our product range to maximise their potential; all Expert Advisors that have been upgraded and enhanced with new functionality and strategies will be freely available for download to all clients that made purchases. It is our aim to provide products that improve performance and give traders a clear edge when trading the markets. We will continue to strive to improve our entire range and introduce new products.

All of our Expert Advisors have been tested on real trading accounts and optimised for precise trade execution.

Due to the complex nature of our products, we urge clients to monitors their Expert Advisor and customised settings on demo accounts until such times as they are confident in releasing on live trading accounts. In the unlikely event of coding errors we will seek to rectify these immediately and all distributed products will be amended and those clients who made purchases will be issued with the updated version.